is a new back-office legal support service for all law firms and lawyers, which allows practices of all sizes to gain greater resources, expertise, and efficiency.

Recruitment will primarily be centred in Malaysia, but selected invitations will be extended to other countries, primarily to support the International Department.  Partners-in-Law offers graduates exposure to various practices of law under the guidance of some of the most experienced and successful lawyers in the country. Partners-in-Law also provides legally trained non-practising members of the legal profession, retired members of the legal profession, physically challenged members of the legal profession etc an avenue to yet again contribute to the profession to their personal benefit and to the benefit of the legal profession and the general public.

Partners-in-Law provides unparalleled exposure to law graduates—not just on all aspects of the legal profession but exposure and experience with many diverse industries. Partners-in-Law aims to have the thorough competency and resources to cover all areas of law. Benefits of Partners-in-Law include:

  • Back office legal support services at cost-effective rates;
  • The ability for most law firms to outsource their research work;
  • Exposure to diverse legal matters and jurisdictions otherwise not available at a private law firm;
  • Both subscription and "pay as you go" pricing models;
  • Faster turn-around time for law firms;

Partners-in-Law is poised to attract the best legal talents from across the Region to be part of this exciting new service in Malaysia.


Small to medium sized law firms typically do not have the luxury of resources to staff an entire back office, which can include paralegals, clerks, and legal assistants.  These positions will generally have to be outsourced in order to compete with larger firms.  In some instances—such as long, protracted litigation or a specialized lawsuit like an intellectual property matter—will require even the largest of firms to look for assistance.


Partners-in-Law provides efficient and affordable access to legal research to assist lawyers in their preparation for legal representations.  Our in-house team of legal professionals (encompassing senior lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, non-practising legally qualified individuals) will have the experience, training, and tools to meet the needs of the lawyers using Partners-in-Law. 

Partners-in-Law is not a law firm and will not provide legal services to the general public.  Partners-in-Law is a private limited company (Sdn Bhd) that serves law firms and lawyers using a business-to-business model.  Partners-in-Law provides an avenue for law practises of all sizes to maintain a low cost operating structure and yet be well equipped to compete with their larger counterparts in a level playing field. In addition, outsourcing the initial legal work would also enable law practices to undertake more cases which would otherwise not be possible, benefitting law practises financially.

Foreign law firms are welcome to subscribe to Partners-in-Law, and their needs will be served by our international department.  This department of Partners-in-Law has expertise and education in other legal systems, such as that of the United States and United Kingdom.  Partners-in-Law's international department will undertake all legal work from outside Malaysia.


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Partners-In-Law is not a Law Firm and shall not provide legal services to the general public.
Partners-in-Law is a private limited company (Sdn Bhd) that serves law firms and lawyers using a business to business model.